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Mulch in the Baytown, TX Area

So what is mulch?

Mulch serves several purposes. It will restrict growth of weeds and hinder moisture evaporation, and should also break down into soil and eventually improve the soil's composition. A layer of mulch helps moderate soil temperatures. Mulch serves as a buffer from soil compaction caused by rain, and helps prevent the crusting-over of bare soil that can sometimes prevent moisture from being absorbed.
Wood Hog — Mulch service in Baytown, TX
Red Mulch and Wood Chip Mound Mulch service in Baytown, TX
At Baytown Sand and Clay we are doing our part to insure you have access to wholly organic, locally sourced, and environmentally responsible products to enhance your yard and garden. We personally source, process, and distribute all of the quality mulch products we sell. How is Baytown Sand and Clay able to do all of this? Simple! We have invested in one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly production platforms available in the industry…..The MorBark Wood Hog. Improvements like this and others will insure we are ready to meet the changing tastes and needs of our customers for years to come.
Black Mulch Mound